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November 24, 2012

October 21, 2012


Delicate bird prints on a new shirt.
What are you doing this rainy Sunday? 

I'm on the bed, organizing appointments & lamenting the fact that my days seem to fly by.
This marks the first week I've spent in my new job in a bank, swimming in a big pool of technical financial jargon. 
But I love it so far & actually look forward to going to work, joining the scores of people walking at breakneck speed in the central business district. 
It's so different from what I was used to!
Everyday is mentally challenging, every sentence I write requires me to analyse numbers and synthesize.
My inner nerd is slowly crawling out of the deep recesses of the frivolity of years past..

I wish you a lazy & calm Sunday... before the craziness of another week arrives tomorrow x

November 5, 2011

all in a week's work


Sneaking bites of brigadeiro made by my classmate... a Brazilian chocolate sweet which was so gooey yummy; we chewed hard & silently with smiles on our faces, while the lecturer droned on & on about Louis XIV.


I love cosy autumn outfits.


On my way to the supermarket.... a lucky day of blue skies!


Traditional buckwheat crepes after school one day..


The forest estate of Marly which used to be the hunting grounds of the kings of France... but is now simply a beautiful & quiet painting.

Have a great fall weekend xx

October 29, 2011

an autumn wardrobe


These shoes are great for autumn's cool weather... i can't bear to wear anything higher than mid-calf everyday.. not yet. Not when October, though cold, is still beautiful & sunny.


No matter the season, half of my clothes & accessories have polka dots lol.


I have a weakness for scarves... when the winds are blowing, the only thing i want is something warm & soft around my neck!

It's finally the weekend.... been busy all week, can't wait to have some free time! have a good one x

March 8, 2011

spring skirt

Inspiration from Chloe spring 2011 // i loved the idea of a ballet skirt & my Repetto flats... i guess when you're a mere mortal & not a ballerina, you find ways to fulfill your Black Swan fantasy :)


And on the streets... a lovely spring skirt.. understated & comfy & looks great on tall girls!


So of course i had to get it... now happily in my wardrobe, waiting for the first wear when the weather turns warmer ♥ 


December 2, 2010

last minute

Home away from home... the Grand millenium beijing is one of my favorite hotels.


From Sydney to Beijing, my schedule, & thus my life, is always subject to last-minute changes.


Getting dressed in my new leopard print dress for........... the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in the hotel lobby. 

Ummm yeah thats how exciting my social life is. Btw that is already the highlight of my week haha.

May 21, 2010

sailor girl

Ship ahoy!


The cutest sailor girl jacket I have.


What really sold me on it was the collar behind.

Can't wait to wear it out soon :)