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December 19, 2011

christmas came early

My first Christmas gift came early


Every woman needs a Twilly in her closet (✿´⌣`✿)♡


Plus my first set of cooking books.... will i use them? I hope so hehe.


No more classes till 2012! Whoopee... even though it means time to study for the exams..

November 16, 2011

BFM awards

Last night, we were invited to attend the BFM awards ceremony & dinner.. BFM is a business news channel in France & every year, they honour the best in the business world, the best companies, entrepreneurs, managers, etc.


In the Marigny theatre, 4 minutes before we went live on TV. It was really great to see the movers & shakers of the French business world all gathered in one place, although the only winner I knew was Yves Rocher, the company who won the Saga Familiale category. I love this cosmetics & skincare brand... they have really good quality products which are so affordable for everyone. And to think they started out in a small Brittany village!


Later we adjourned to the Bristol Hotel for dinner... at 11pm! I can never understand the French & their penchant for cocktails before dinner. To me, if i'm hungry, i'll eat dinner. No need for frou frou drinks & awkward conversations!


Dinner was by Eric Frechon, chef of the hotel with 3 Michelin stars under his belt. He really lived up to his reputation. We had an absolutely divine cod with watercress puree & for dessert, a caramel dark chocolate sabayon. Though i'm probably not doing justice to them with my descriptions!

I've attended a fair number of functions here... after the usual questions about my origins & nationality, most people dismiss me when they find out i was a stewardess for much of my working life. But once i mention that i used to be a manager in Procter & gamble, they suddenly seem more interested & less cold. It's amazing how people react to big names. I think if we can't help but judge a book by its cover; then the least we can do is to hide it well.

Luckily we both have our feet firmly planted on the ground, & we often leave in high spirits, gossiping about the people we met & taking a long walk thru the streets, marveling at the calm of Paris in the wee hours. 

You should change your state of mind, not the sky. xx

October 29, 2011

an autumn wardrobe


These shoes are great for autumn's cool weather... i can't bear to wear anything higher than mid-calf everyday.. not yet. Not when October, though cold, is still beautiful & sunny.


No matter the season, half of my clothes & accessories have polka dots lol.


I have a weakness for scarves... when the winds are blowing, the only thing i want is something warm & soft around my neck!

It's finally the weekend.... been busy all week, can't wait to have some free time! have a good one x

December 27, 2010

this christmas

A beautiful Christmas.


The garden in white.


A warm & toasty Christmas eve makes winter bearable.


Dinner & conversation & foie gras & wine & cheese & cake & eating. too. much.


Little Celeste contemplates her gift - the softest stuffed rabbit.


And I love mine.


Un carre d'Hermes is a lifesaver for bad hair days.. Merci mon coeur xxx


-2 degrees on Christmas morning.


Sunset in the heart of winter. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas filled with love xxx

May 6, 2010

the Marais

Each time i have a day on my hands in Paris, I will walk around the Marais & lose myself in the streets & shops & the wonderful mix of old vs new.

One of the most beautiful museums in Paris.


Its manicured gardens stood regal & silent on an empty weekday afternoon. I felt like i had stepped into a secret Eden.


The Musee Carnavalet houses collections which tell the story of the history of Paris in paintings, artefacts & pieces of furniture.


The only man besides me in the garden.


I took a walk to the Place des Vosges, whose famous residents included Victor Hugo & Cardinal Richelieu.


The arcades of the place.


My secret rooftop cafe.


And then it was aperitif time at Hotel Costes. Always wanted to go but never found the time.



We chose a table which was a little more intimate.


Cocktails amongst books & a beautiful gift.


I always make time... for peace.


The church of Saint-Eustache. The organ is so grand & amazing. I read somewhere that it's the biggest organ in France & to be honest, i'm not sure i've seen bigger ones anywhere else.


I leave you now as I need to make my own Petit Bateau shirt.


What do you want to say?


Bye bye xoxoxo