November 16, 2011

BFM awards

Last night, we were invited to attend the BFM awards ceremony & dinner.. BFM is a business news channel in France & every year, they honour the best in the business world, the best companies, entrepreneurs, managers, etc.


In the Marigny theatre, 4 minutes before we went live on TV. It was really great to see the movers & shakers of the French business world all gathered in one place, although the only winner I knew was Yves Rocher, the company who won the Saga Familiale category. I love this cosmetics & skincare brand... they have really good quality products which are so affordable for everyone. And to think they started out in a small Brittany village!


Later we adjourned to the Bristol Hotel for dinner... at 11pm! I can never understand the French & their penchant for cocktails before dinner. To me, if i'm hungry, i'll eat dinner. No need for frou frou drinks & awkward conversations!


Dinner was by Eric Frechon, chef of the hotel with 3 Michelin stars under his belt. He really lived up to his reputation. We had an absolutely divine cod with watercress puree & for dessert, a caramel dark chocolate sabayon. Though i'm probably not doing justice to them with my descriptions!

I've attended a fair number of functions here... after the usual questions about my origins & nationality, most people dismiss me when they find out i was a stewardess for much of my working life. But once i mention that i used to be a manager in Procter & gamble, they suddenly seem more interested & less cold. It's amazing how people react to big names. I think if we can't help but judge a book by its cover; then the least we can do is to hide it well.

Luckily we both have our feet firmly planted on the ground, & we often leave in high spirits, gossiping about the people we met & taking a long walk thru the streets, marveling at the calm of Paris in the wee hours. 

You should change your state of mind, not the sky. xx

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