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October 29, 2011

an autumn wardrobe


These shoes are great for autumn's cool weather... i can't bear to wear anything higher than mid-calf everyday.. not yet. Not when October, though cold, is still beautiful & sunny.


No matter the season, half of my clothes & accessories have polka dots lol.


I have a weakness for scarves... when the winds are blowing, the only thing i want is something warm & soft around my neck!

It's finally the weekend.... been busy all week, can't wait to have some free time! have a good one x

April 11, 2011

spring wardrobe

:: spring wardrobe sweeties ::


Vanessa traina x Maje = best friend of all your white tees that go a little too low.


Her capsule collection for the French brand is gorgeous. Pair with a blazer for a chic evening look.


H&M's Conscious collection > prettiest scallop shorts ever for both inside & outside the house. It reminds me of the seaside ♥


Roomy metallic gold blouse... when texture can dress up a simple design.

I love it when fashion is simple & no pressure to look a certain way. xx

December 14, 2010

Lanvin x H&M


Christmas dress!


I was lucky enough to get something i like from this collection.


Alber elbaz = ♥!