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December 30, 2012

french delights

Fresh roses.. white ones are always my favorite..

Tea at Ladurée is a must whenever I'm in Paris... not so much for their macarons as I'm not a big fan, but the rose religieuse which is amazing.

An old mirror.

Little surprise gifts from my friends

Repettos are so comfortable and the service is always excellent.
Love this satin version which was sold out everywhere but thanks to a special angel I managed to find it.

Can never say no to a creamy camembert with fresh bread and Comté cheese.

October 29, 2011

an autumn wardrobe


These shoes are great for autumn's cool weather... i can't bear to wear anything higher than mid-calf everyday.. not yet. Not when October, though cold, is still beautiful & sunny.


No matter the season, half of my clothes & accessories have polka dots lol.


I have a weakness for scarves... when the winds are blowing, the only thing i want is something warm & soft around my neck!

It's finally the weekend.... been busy all week, can't wait to have some free time! have a good one x