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January 9, 2012

the winter sales

The winter sales start officially in France in 2 days.. & it used to be quite important to my colleagues who would shop up a storm if they happened to be in Paris at that time.

I only go to a couple of boutiques during the sales & Comptoir des Cotonniers is one of them. Along with Maje & Sandro, this is one of my favorite Parisian brands. I like their earthy tones & comfortable basics. On Sunday, we passed by the boutique on our way to the supermarket... the sales had already started, so i got this lovely winter coat to start the year.

Been looking for a black coat for the longest time... this was exactly what i was looking for... a good fitting cut but at the same time roomy enough for layering underneath.

November 5, 2011

all in a week's work


Sneaking bites of brigadeiro made by my classmate... a Brazilian chocolate sweet which was so gooey yummy; we chewed hard & silently with smiles on our faces, while the lecturer droned on & on about Louis XIV.


I love cosy autumn outfits.


On my way to the supermarket.... a lucky day of blue skies!


Traditional buckwheat crepes after school one day..


The forest estate of Marly which used to be the hunting grounds of the kings of France... but is now simply a beautiful & quiet painting.

Have a great fall weekend xx

October 24, 2011

cold days, warm pleasures..

oui le plaisir est un luxe..


Merci is always welcoming.... Berthie who is the cafe manager always has a welcoming smile for me... she always makes sure u get the best table possible. It's really one of the best cafes in Paris... & where i never get tired of hanging out, either alone or sharing it with friends who don't know it yet.



It's a luxury to be amongst so many books... thousands of them.


I seriously could hang out here everyday... Actually i've sat at every single table they have... & still cant decide which is my favorite. But the thing i always order is their half-boiled eggs with toast & butter.... a great meal to share with friends or to indulge in alone sometimes!


And filled with inspiration for home decor & clothes... The boutique is a fashionista's heaven.


And we saw this little picture on the road on the way home... what a perfect funny way to end the weekend!


My french prof also calls him "Le Petit Nicolas"... i find it endearing xx