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May 19, 2013

Managed to sneak in a good coffee at Telescope cafe...
One of the best coffees ever in the city of lights.
So happy that proper cafes are finally opening in Paris!

And for a rainy Sunday, nothing beats the cheesecake in the pub near our place... 
Creamy and soft, it hits the right spot every single time.

November 5, 2011

all in a week's work


Sneaking bites of brigadeiro made by my classmate... a Brazilian chocolate sweet which was so gooey yummy; we chewed hard & silently with smiles on our faces, while the lecturer droned on & on about Louis XIV.


I love cosy autumn outfits.


On my way to the supermarket.... a lucky day of blue skies!


Traditional buckwheat crepes after school one day..


The forest estate of Marly which used to be the hunting grounds of the kings of France... but is now simply a beautiful & quiet painting.

Have a great fall weekend xx

September 26, 2011

this afternoon...

This afternoon, at the chateau of St Germain... enjoying the first fall days which still feel like summer.
I miss the sea.. but it's time to prepare for school. xx

September 3, 2011

hot hot hot...

What a hot & sunny weekend we had!


Such beautiful weather for Friday that my friend & I had lunch at the park near her office.


Then a great dinner with twinkling lights to accompany us...



And i woke up early this morning for the bustling market... I love seeing everyone out & about on a weekend. And of course buying fresh food from the local producers :)



You could not imagine the queues at the various bakeries for freshly baked baguettes... But then again, nothing is quite as luxurious as butter with fresh bread in the mornings. I hope you are having a lovely weekend too... xx

August 31, 2011

new home...

I received a number of messages about where I live now :) I don't live in central Paris but a suburb of it called St Germain-en-Laye.. it's about 25mins from the center of Paris by train.


After the weekly Tuesday market (Sunday is market day too), I took these pictures of the main square which is about 5 mins from our place. 


It has pedestrian streets with cinemas, mcdonald's, cafes, bookshops, restaurants, pubs, supermarkets, florists, post office, banks... everything really... but most important, many fashion boutiques I love can be found here! (which is tres important for the morale when u first move in)

paris 294

There is also a castle at the end of our street where Louis XIV was born & a forest nearby... both of which I'd like to discover soon! xx

December 20, 2010



The old castle of St Germain-en-laye, after yesterday's snowfall.


I miss you too. xxx