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May 31, 2013

Bundle up

One of the things I do when I come to Paris is always to head straight to COS in the Marais for some shopping. 
They've been around for a few years now since my flying days and they always have great stuff.
I fell for these shoes and a thick sweater to bundle up in during this erratic spring weather!

December 9, 2012

Been a busy week though I've never felt more mentally fulfilled nor drained out.
Luckily I have a 2-hour lunch break everyday so my friends take turns to meet me for lunch and we just chill and chat about life and drink good coffee!
Some friends take the trouble to come all the way down just to eat overpriced food with me, some get hot and heavy on the Facebook messaging, proposing to "meet up soon" cos "we miss each other" but these virtual dates never quite materialize into real ones.
Which is why I'm getting sick of Facebook and hardly go there anymore.
During my time as a cabin crew, I had plenty of free time and Facebook was a great platform for getting in touch with friends and sharing photos and basically just snooping around like most people.
Now, after a long day at work, I guess I just want to look at or read something which inspires, is aesthetically pleasing or makes me think hard.
From boring and emotional status updates to check-ins showing off where you are, it gets stale after a while.
I find it amusing when I read about someone painting their life in a certain way when in reality, their life and character could not be further than the virtual ones they want others to believe.
Why is it that in this day and age, technological inventions designed to help us get closer has not improved the quality of human interaction? 
By connecting us digitally to friends and family around the globe, they have made it easier to keep in touch with a wider network of people yes, but how many of these connections are actually meaningful and withstand the litmus test of a real conversation?
Maybe, at the grand old age of 30, I find myself appreciating a good old-fashioned SMS and a proper phone call. Or perhaps even a letter in the mailbox. Now that would really make my day!

May 8, 2012

sadaharu aoki

Exams are round the corner in a couple of weeks.. so it's time to be (& look like) a serious student.

I love French pastries & cakes but was longing for 豆沙 or red bean paste yesterday... I remember I would often have a ban chien kueh (a kind of chinese pancake) with red bean paste in Singapore during teatime. Really miss it! Sadaharu Aoki's matcha-azuki cake is an amazing 'substitute' & his earl grey & sesame macarons are just as yummy. Perfect with a cup of matcha on cold rainy afternoons.

I've tried only 3 Japanese patisseries so far in Paris but they are all excellent in what they do. Aki Boulangerie is cheap & does delicious tonkatsu sandwiches while Toraya is the best for long chats with friends though it's a little expensive... they had this delicious chocolate-matcha drink I remember... Perhaps it's time to pay another visit there when I miss the taste of Asia... (⊙___⊙)

April 27, 2010


Beautiful weather in London does not come often I'm told.
london 004
The spring sunshine was welcome as I was up early, lining up at Leicester Square for half-price theatre tickets!
london 027
Billy Elliot the musical.
london 038
I sneaked in this shot when it ended... we gave a standing ovation, it was so good.
london 024

Made my way to this iconic London store for the first time.... excited!
london 016
A whole floor devoted to Liberty prints & fabrics. Any self-respecting crafter would go gaga here i think. I was floating around, fingering this, touching that, my eyes roaming hungrily over the rolls of pretty fabrics.
london 023
Cream tea with scones, raspberry jam & clotted cream @ Liberty's tea room. Well actually i had a double cappuccino. Needed the caffeine shot.
And i'm ashamed to report i spent a ghastly amount of money at COS - a premium line set up by H&M with accessible prices. I have always wanted to check out their boutiques & London had many of them! COS's style is very me, slouchy chic without compromising on the kind of cut I look for. I walked very quickly back to the hotel after that... couldn't afford to do any more shopping!
london 046
I ended up wearing this COS cotton & leather t-shirt dress the very next day. Max love!
london 042
Secret garden.
I hoped you too had a wonderful weekend.
In such a rush these days.. never enough time xxx