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April 27, 2010


Beautiful weather in London does not come often I'm told.
london 004
The spring sunshine was welcome as I was up early, lining up at Leicester Square for half-price theatre tickets!
london 027
Billy Elliot the musical.
london 038
I sneaked in this shot when it ended... we gave a standing ovation, it was so good.
london 024

Made my way to this iconic London store for the first time.... excited!
london 016
A whole floor devoted to Liberty prints & fabrics. Any self-respecting crafter would go gaga here i think. I was floating around, fingering this, touching that, my eyes roaming hungrily over the rolls of pretty fabrics.
london 023
Cream tea with scones, raspberry jam & clotted cream @ Liberty's tea room. Well actually i had a double cappuccino. Needed the caffeine shot.
And i'm ashamed to report i spent a ghastly amount of money at COS - a premium line set up by H&M with accessible prices. I have always wanted to check out their boutiques & London had many of them! COS's style is very me, slouchy chic without compromising on the kind of cut I look for. I walked very quickly back to the hotel after that... couldn't afford to do any more shopping!
london 046
I ended up wearing this COS cotton & leather t-shirt dress the very next day. Max love!
london 042
Secret garden.
I hoped you too had a wonderful weekend.
In such a rush these days.. never enough time xxx

August 19, 2009

the english countryside

Someone wrote to me, 'This place called sadness doesn't keep us forever.'

Unfortunately, it still has a hold over me & a genuine smile feels like standing on shaky ground.... what happens after that?

I went to the English countryside...

Traipsing in foreign lands takes my mind off things. And for that i love my job.

bath 065small


Stonehenge in all its glory on an overcast late summer's day. 

bath 053small

And then the magnificent Roman baths..   

bath 019small

Tea at the oldest house in Bath... a too-huge Sally Lunn bun with cinnamon butter & clotted cream.

bath 035small

On the way back to London... I make another purse while trying not to nod off to dreams of enchanting English villages.

bath 041small

Human relationships are so strange to me now... i am learning to build them again one by one. But making something with my hands feels real & down-to-earth & simple.

Thank you for all your messages, i appreciate them very much.

May 10, 2009

portobello market

Best friends are a blessing in this world.
They pick you up when you're feeling down.
And bring you to lovely Korean restaurants when you're craving a soondoobu & teppanyaki beef.

This restaurant is frequented by many Koreans living in London.

Portobello market on a friday afternoon. Oh the colors!

I love browsing thru old second hand stuff in flea markets.

Beautiful arent they???

Old vintage books!!!!
I was lusting after a copy of Pride & prejudice circa 1933... but it was really too expensive.
I have a feeling the owner of the stall overprices all his stuff because Portobello is so touristy.

Fresh bread... yumms.

I popped into the Hummingbird bakery to try some of their lovely cupcakes.

I loved the red velvet - dark red moist cake with cream cheese frosting, and my friend loved the lemon & coconut one.

From one of my favorite stores... i love the lace detail on the sleeve.

And how have you been?

August 28, 2007


a weekend in London

We end up in similar grey dresses... best friends think alike! I miss her so much.. distance obviously has had no effect on us! She stays over at my hotel room & we sprawl on the beds talking a mile a minute.

Piccadilly circus

Tea for two.. our favorite thing to do. hee.

Meza for dinner...

Delicieux tapas

We managed to get the last 2 tix to watch Mary Poppins the musical.. my first time to London's west end.

"You're practically perfect, in every way.."

One of our favorites... Harrods is always filled with mouth-watering chocolates and food and lovely girl stuff.. it's a one-stop shopping paradise.

This time there i fall in love with something way cute!

Hermes coinbags! Hee... and i'm returning again to london next month   

July 9, 2007


Wales - a poem written in landscape.

My original plan was to use the medieval town of Conwy as a base to go to Mount Snowdon. Located near the north coast of Wales, it's about 3hrs from manchester, changing trains at Chester. But when i was on the train, the ticket guy told me that i should skip Chester and go straight to Llandudno where it's only a 5mins walk to Conwy. Sounds great. Despite repeated warnings by my sister not to fall asleep, i still do and wake up just as the train pulls into Llandudno hee.

Guess what its not 5mins. Its a blardy 20mins of brisk walking against strong chilly winds... the kind that knocks yr hat off. They've been having freak summer rains this past week and it's unbelievably cold for June. Lucky i have an old winter coat with me; it's not been washed since last year, buried deep within my luggage, but it'll do. The castle of Conwy comes into full view and it's beautiful.

I manage to find my B&B, run by a lovely couple. My room is single with shared bath, small but cosy. And its right next to the castle, which i can see just right across the road from my window  

The place is done up very nicely, no frills but very comfortable.

Alan and elaine, who run the place are so down-to-earth and funny. When we're in the kitchen, Elaine asks me if i know Victoria beckham. Who doesn't? She confides in a whisper that they 'don't like her much' and how could the paparazzi call her home Beckingham palace? The audacity. Ha i was very tickled.


Conwy castle was constructed in the 13th century by King Edward I as one of those in his 'iron ring' of castles in Snowdonia, Wales.

It's unbelievable, how such a structure could withstand the passing of time, centuries in fact, and still retain its magnificence.

I head to Anna's Tea rooms for welsh cream teas and scones... it's a favorite local hangout and i can see why... i stay there for 2 hrs and was given impeccable, friendly and non-intrusive service.

Whilst there, i catch snippets of Welsh and i must say it's quite a unique language. Probably the only one i know where entire words can be made up of consonants; eg. bus = bws, all day = trwy'r dydd. Interesting non?

The next day, from Conwy, i catch a bus to Llanberis, 2hrs away. It is where i can take the Snowdon Mountain Railway. Mount Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales and England. Once again i fall asleep and the kind bus driver wakes me up. Gosh i need to stop dozing off.

The weather is not too good and they warn us about the fog that will obstruct the views. In addition we can't go up to the summit as they are building a viewing gallery there. The final stop is Clogwyn, 3/4 of the way up. Its supposed to offer beautiful views of Snowdonia. As u can see, that is not to be.

The fog is atrocious, everyone is disappointed but we joke about it and besides, the view coming up was worth the ticket price.

The few brave souls braving the drizzle and winds to descend by foot. Its a very long walk down. I actually toyed with the idea of a little hike too. Back home, that is. I patted myself on the back for choosing the train.

I have to take another bus 2hrs to Bangor where i can get a train back to manchester. I felt a bit let down by the weather, but i discovered another lovely place on the way back.

Who says the English coast is dreary and bleak? Colwyn bay looked so inviting with its ice-cream stalls which i could see from the train! I hopped off intending to stay for a half hr. But the coast is really beautiful, seagulls everywhere and happy families playing by the beach.

I come across a B&B right by the beach. I still have enough cash and clothes so on a whim, i decide to stay the night hee. I have fish & chips at a local joint and everyone is so chatty and warm.

Wish i could share all these with u but my cam and phone died on me so no more pics. It was a wonderful experience though.

Next up... a night in the desert!