May 8, 2012

sadaharu aoki

Exams are round the corner in a couple of weeks.. so it's time to be (& look like) a serious student.

I love French pastries & cakes but was longing for 豆沙 or red bean paste yesterday... I remember I would often have a ban chien kueh (a kind of chinese pancake) with red bean paste in Singapore during teatime. Really miss it! Sadaharu Aoki's matcha-azuki cake is an amazing 'substitute' & his earl grey & sesame macarons are just as yummy. Perfect with a cup of matcha on cold rainy afternoons.

I've tried only 3 Japanese patisseries so far in Paris but they are all excellent in what they do. Aki Boulangerie is cheap & does delicious tonkatsu sandwiches while Toraya is the best for long chats with friends though it's a little expensive... they had this delicious chocolate-matcha drink I remember... Perhaps it's time to pay another visit there when I miss the taste of Asia... (⊙___⊙)

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