October 29, 2013

Weekend in Essaouira

Sorry for the lack of updates... my autumn has been filled with weekend trips either around France or to nearby cities. I am happy to be home enjoying some quiet time at last!

We had the chance to discover Essaouira, a coastal city in Morocco where we spent a weekend doing some thalassotherapy and eating lots of Moroccan food. Thalassotherapy uses seawater to massage the body either with jets of water or in massage baths; it also involves the use of algae and mud wraps. It was simply a very relaxing experience as we've been unbelievably busy with renovation works in the apartment.

We stayed at the L'Heure Bleue Palais, a hotel built over 3 years from an abandoned orphanage and which stood regally at the corner of the old medina. 

The medina was a complex labyrinth of shops selling silver jewellery, wooden crockery, fried fish, kilim rugs and sweet cakes. I was not a big fan of the medina but had to admit that the energy on a Saturday night was addictive. There were vendors selling fresh almond milk and families milling around, enjoying the sea breeze. It was perfectly normal to see sheep being wheeled in barrows to the abbatoir, alongside giggly schoolgirls, sinister-looking men and the odd Caucasian tourist.

And of course the coast lived up to its reputation as a kite-surfing paradise... for us, it was enough to just sit on a rock with our well-massaged bodies and watch the seagulls fly over our heads. x

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  1. Hi! Love your blog, especially the pictures. May I know what camera are you using? Do you edit your photos? :)