September 3, 2013

Wedding diary III - Attire

One thing I noticed about French weddings in general was the bride's simple approach & attitude towards the dress. It was not uncommon for a bride to wear Repettos and a loose slouchy dress, traipsing in the fields with her beau. I rather loved this attitude & while I enjoy seeing Singaporean brides with their huge princess-y elaborate gowns & grandiose ballrooms, I knew it was not what I wanted nor was it me. We just wanted everything to be simple & elegant. In fact, none of my 2 dresses had a single embellishment on them.

And instead of getting an elaborate updo, I chose to keep my hair natural. Some of my friends were worried I was being too slipshod haha.

Another thing I noticed about French weddings was the guests' attire. I have seen in Singapore, how some guests actually out-dress the bride at the dinner banquet, decked out in the sexiest gowns. I think that is pretty rude, seeing as it is the bride's day to shine.

My husband was amused & reassured me that no well-brought up French would think of usurping the bride's glory on her day by turning up in a long gown or a sexy dress. And it turned out to be true. We saw smart pantsuits, wrap dresses and sharp jackets; no one was there to see and be seen.

And with all the wedding stress, I was grateful that the dress I chose, a long simple column gown was not too simple after all :)


  1. and you looked amazingly gorgeous darling!

  2. i love your wedding dress and the way your wedding was. it was so simple, elegant and beautiful! i much wish weddings were more like that in Singapore.

    1. Thank you very much! Some of my friends were pretty judgmental about how everything was in a TENT in a garden, not in a hotel ballroom or with a ten-course Chinese dinner but I remember attending those and never liking them much! We thought how great it was instead to hold a garden party in a house we knew well :) Thanks again!

  3. Lovely lovely choice Jasmine. I'm glad you stayed true to your style xx