August 1, 2013

Tokyo Eat

One of our top favorite restaurants in Paris, this is also where my husband and I had our first date 4 years ago. For him, it was une valeur sûre, an address where he felt the most comfortable with friends.

Nestled in the open terraces of the Palais de Tokyo museum, the café and restaurant are well-placed with a great view of the Eiffel without the price tag and frills of other restaurants boasting a similar view.

It is especially popular in summer, when Parisians flock here for dinner and drinks. The clientèle consists mainly of executives & young couples. 

One thing I love about this restaurant is the red plastic chairs! How cool are they? You immediately feel right at home because the vibe is laidback and relaxed.

To start, mojitos for us!

We normally take the melon and goat cheese salad but I wanted to try the mozzarella with marinated zucchini.

Fried fish with rice and Thai sauce!

And to end it off, always the cheesecake. Tokyo Eat has a in-house chef-patissier, whose only job is to make desserts. This is quite rare in Paris so their desserts are a must-try!

And to accompany the delicious food, a glittering tower & an in-house DJ. 

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